Tuesday, October 18, 2011


When Bella turned five, we had a pretty big birthday party for her.  Lots of kids!  The result?  Lots of presents!  I strategically hid a bunch of them in the attic and reintroduced them throughout the year.  One Saturday morning, Bella went snooping around in the attic and came down with this Easy-Bake Microwave.  At the sight of it, I knew that this was how we'd be spending our morning.

We began with the cakes - pouring and mixing and spooning out batter.

Graydon was getting a bit too involved for Bella's liking, so we occupied him with some Play-Doh. 

Cook time: 30 seconds

And the result: the cutest, sweetest, littlest cakes.

She made them for Daddy. . .  after sampling a little bit herself, of course.


I'm afraid that's all I have for pictures this week.  But here's some other stuff that we've been up to:
  • Graydon is wearing underwear full-time while we're at home - though I'm not quite brave enough to take him out without a pull-up on just yet.
  • Curtis has molars in his mouth now
  • our wagon was stolen
  • a different wagon reappeared  few days later
  • Bella had two playdates at two different friends' houses - without me
  • a stomach virus invaded our home affecting all of us except Graydon
  • Bella had picture day at school
And the big one which has pretty much occupied a lot of my free time these past couple of weeks is my new Etsy store!

I'm selling my crochet hats.  This store is my plan for getting enough money to take our family to Disney World.  After being open for just a few weeks, I've already reached 10% of my goal!  So far so good!   


Jodi said...

That photo of Bella and her treats melts my heart with the chocolate on her face. So precious.

Rebecca said...

Love the hats! Are you making adult sizes? I could totally dig that purple one :) Glad all is well!

Mary said...

Are you adding the burp cloths?

mcbenetti said...

also did Bella ever use that cupcake maker that i got her last chirstmas? Wondered how it worked??

The Kilps Family said...

Rebecca - can definitely do adult sizes!!!

Mary - I might add burp cloths eventually. I figured I'd just start off simple with one type of thing and see how that goes. And YES! The we use the cupcake maker too! Bella loves all that stuff. :)