Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Isabella!

At 6:52 pm (Eastern time), Isabella will be an official six-year-old!

Here is a little written summary of Bella's highlights and milestones from this past year:
  • a birthday cupcake from Carlo's Bakery
  • ice skating for the first time
  • getting tonsils and adenoids removed
  • graduating from preschool
  • three separate trips to Wisconsin
  • several visits to the shore
  • going completely under water in the pool with no fear
  • seeing a circus performance
  • starting kindergarten
  • learning to ride a bike without training wheels
  • losing her first tooth
  • watching the Rockettes perform in New York City
  • joining the Girl Scouts 

I love hanging out with Bella.  Our conversations drift to so many things: from faith in God to what she had for snack at school that day.  All in the same breath sometimes!

She is flourishing in school - both academically and socially.  She loves going and learning and sharing with us what she's learning.  She doesn't always appreciate when we have to correct her mistakes, but we're working on that.

Some of her favorite things to do are color, read, make jewelry, play with Barbies or her Leapster Explorer, and watch shows like Word Girl, Hello Kitty, and Horseland.  She has several journals where she draws pictures and writes down any of the words that she knows.

Sometimes she likes to surprise us by cleaning the house.  And we often get homemade cards with hearts, smiley faces, and the words, "I love you". 

We sure love her too.

Last year, we spent her birthday in Connecticut.  She received a Tinkerbell movie (The Great Fairy Rescue) and we watched it in our hotel that evening.  This movie has become a favorite in our house and it only seemed fitting that the song from the movie would be the soundtrack to this past year of her life.

Here is Bella's 6th year in pictures!

Bella's Birthday Slideshow 2011 from Karen Kilps on Vimeo.

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Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Bella! We love you! Your gift is still in Wisconsin! But we hope you have and amazing day with your family and friends!