Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas came a little early. . .

A package from Aunt Bia arrived earlier this week.  The kids were EXCITED!!!

They each got a toy, a book, and some clothes. They LOVED everything! Such a fun night.

The next day, Curtis showed some appreciation for Mommy's chili. He literally licked the plate clean.

And he's getting pretty good with his spoon (at least when he's eating something sticky like yogurt).

Today was the children's Christmas program at church. Bella delivered her lines perfectly! "We are little candles sending rays of light, telling all the people Christ is born tonight!"

Some church friends wrapped up a bunch of little gifts for the kids. Graydon opened up his and Curtis's gifts while I made lunch.

And here he is realizing that the presents were all gone.

Bella went out with a friend after church and came home with this pretty picture on her face.

One more week until Christmas!!!

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mcbenetti said...

Does Graydon not have any pants on?