Saturday, February 25, 2012


Bella really loved making the GAK last week. After that, she was eager for more things to do and would often ask me if I had any activities planned. This sort of inspired me to be a bit more planful and intentional about preparing activities/projects for the kids to do. I enjoy it and they enjoy it. Win/Win!

Monday was President's Day, so this one kind of planned itself.

My ever-so-serious Graydon did actually have fun making his Lincoln beard (not that he's showing it here).

After the hats were made, I tried to read two quick paragraphs about Washington and the cherry tree and the Lincoln as Honest Abe, but by that point Graydon and Curtis were fighting over the Lincoln hat and I completely lost their attention.  Can't say I didn't try!

Here's a quick little science experiment: Dancing Raisins. (I found this and several other ideas on Pinterest. Most of my ideas will be coming from there).

Two glasses: one with water and another with sprite. The raisins sunk in the water but floated up and down again and again in the sprite. We also tried this with soy nuts. They floated in both cups. I would have used beans as well, but we didn't have any.

Again, Graydon looks bored. But I promise you, he wasn't!

This was pretty neat: Homemade Paint made from sweet condensed milk and food coloring.

Bella mixed her paints herself. This also proved to be a good lesson on mixing colors.

The masterpieces are on display in the kitchen.  Graydon told me that his painting was of "two rainbows".  I'm sure they're in there somewhere!

Friday night was date night for Andy and Bella. A boy from our church had a leading role in Seussical Jr., so they went to see him.

I stayed home with the boys. We watched some Veggie Tales and munched on popcorn and Sweet Tarts.  (Poor Curtis was sick with pneumonia.  He is on an antibiotic now and seems to be on the mend.  It's been a rough week as far as health and sleep go, but hopefully next week will be better.)

I'm not quite sure what to call this next activity.  Maybe Photo Puzzle?

We glued photos of the kids to large popsicle sticks and then cut along the lines with an x-acto knife.

They made some silly creations.

Did some even sillier mixing and matching.

And finally ended up with themselves again.

Of course, it's not all just fun and games around here.  There is always laundry to be done.

I had two eager helpers until Graydon slammed the washer lid on his thumb. That's one lesson learned the hard way.


mcbenetti said...

I love Graydons facial expressions

Kreuser Family said...

So creative! All I did for Presidents day was show
Ava books on Presidents...she wasn't interested. Next year, I'll have to do some cute crafts like that. Plus then she will be older :)