Saturday, February 04, 2012

Around the house. . .

I entered the kitchen to find Curtis on the counter. He appears to have located our stash of Rice Krispie treats. My boys are such climbers!

Is Curtis ready for potty training? When Graydon goes to the bathroom, Curtis is starting to tag along and sit on the little potty. He is also beginning to let me know when he's poopy by saying "uh oh" and pointing to his diaper area.

I've stopped putting Graydon down for an afternoon nap because I want him to be super tired at bedtime so that he doesn't get out of bed. So far, so good. He stays in bed and is asleep within minutes. But on some days, he just needs that extra sleep in the afternoon. This was Monday.

And this was Thursday. My kids are usually not ones to fall asleep in places other than their beds, so he must have been extra tired.

Check out this little lady's smile! Bella lost her second tooth and she did it all by herself. Andy was out of town and I was in the living room with the boys while she did her wiggling and pulling. She sure is looking older!

This is a fairly common scene in our house. When Bella is working on her homework, the boys like to join in and do their work (coloring pictures) too. I think it's sweet that they give her company (though she is not always so appreciative). :)

Before Bella left for school one morning, she cut some yarn for herself and the boys to tuck into their pants. Tails! And when they went to the magical fairy, she would give them different color tails. I love a child's imagination.

While Graydon was in his jammies, I just had to get his picture. My mom bought these for him back when she was visiting in November. She said that after Graydon put them on he announced, "I'm a man!" Now he refers to these pajamas as his "mans". "I want to wear my mans!" He is going through a pajama phase, so he pretty much wants to wear these ALL of the time.

In addition to the pajamas, he is really pushing for his independence. He wants to do things himself from getting food out of the refrigerator to making his own chocolate milk. I remember this phase with Bella. Definitely a blessing and a curse.

And I guess he must be feeling more grown up these days. The other day he told me that he had something stuck in his beard!

Bella's school did an anti-bullying campaign. The kids drew pictures of their safe people: Dad, Mom, and Mrs. McGann (her teacher).

More painting! The kids love to do it and I love to display their work around the house.

I have these painted cardboard hearts hanging in front of our living room windows.

Bella adapted the project by using the paper towels that were meant for drying off her paint brush. She called these her "tie-dyes".

My little man brushing his teeth. This photo just screamed black and white to me.

Curtis had a big milestone this morning: his first haircut!

Here he is before. (I probably should have taken his picture anywhere but in front of a window. It's kind of hard to tell in this photo how shaggy his hair had gotten).

Kind of uncertain at first. . .

But the concern soon faded and he actually sat pretty still for the entire process.

I have to make a quick note about that green blanket. That one has become 'the blanket'. He chooses it over any other blanket and doesn't like to leave his crib without taking it with him.

And here he is all trimmed up! Where did my baby go?

And finally. . . I gave Bella some make-up that I wasn't using. She kept asking when she could put some on and I told her to wait for a day when we weren't going anywhere. That day came today. She wanted to do it all by herself. I left her alone and was expecting a clown face when she reappeared. Instead, this is what I saw:

Pretty tasteful. And then she wanted to wash it off right away. Phew! I'm glad that she's still content to be a little girl.


Kreuser Family said...

Can't believe all the things Curtis is doing! Smart boy! All your kids are smart! Miss you guys!

mcbenetti said...

Pull out that photo of dad that mom gave you. Curtis looks just like him from what i can remember.
Great job Bella, onnthevmakeup