Sunday, March 04, 2012

Dr. Seuss Week

This week was a fun one for Bella's school.  Each day had a different dress-up theme in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday.  On Monday, they made Cat in the Hat hats.  Tuesday was 'Wear Green Day'.  Wednesday was "Wacky Wednesday".  Each kid chose a wacky outfit to wear.  This was Bella's.  

And this wacky hair was mostly her idea.

Thursday was silly socks day.  And Friday, the kids dressed up as their favorite fictional book character.  Bella chose Fancy Nancy.
 (It was either that or Little Red Riding Hood since those were the two costumes I could easily come up with).

And here's her fancy hair.  She slept with sponge curlers in her hair the night before.  I totally forgot to have her wear one of her many crowns.  But she was pretty decked out as it was.

I took advantage of some educational You Tube videos this week and the kids really liked them.  Especially Graydon.

His favorite was this shapes song.

All week I've been hearing from him, "Mommy, I want shapes on your computer."  Or, "Mommy, I want shapes on your phone."  He may be one of the few three-year-olds who knows what a dodecagon is!

We did a little science experiment.  The kids love balloons, so I knew this would be kind of fun.

Baking soda + vinegar = carbon dioxide.  And a filled-up balloon as well!

Graydon wanted to keep his just like that for a while.  

We made the living and dining room into a car track.

There was some pre-church sword fighting this morning.

(A little kiss-and-make-up when the fighting got a little out of hand.)

And some post-church farm building.

We're starting to add some spring artwork to the house.

This afternoon was our first lazy Sunday afternoon in. . . I can't even remember how long.  We shut the curtains, popped some popcorn, and watched Ice Age.  Sure felt good to relax!


mcbenetti said...

Very cute crazy outfit, Bella!!

Animal Talk said...

Looks like graydons bday presents are sure getting some use! !!

Anonymous said...

She looks great in one boot!

Anonymous said...

I really like Bella's mismatched shoes!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Bella is wearing one brown ugg boot and one white tennis shoe!

Anonymous said...

Where is Bella's other boot?

Anonymous said...

Bella has been eliminated from the one boot one shoe club. I am sorry if you think this sucks.