Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Somebody turned 32!

And it wasn't me. (Not yet anyway).

Bella tucked Andy in to bed on the night prior to his birthday and then she and I prepped the house for a birthday celebration. She worked very hard at decorating this bag with streamers. The inside was filled with chocolate.

One of Andy's gifts was a choose-your-own variety pack of beer. He usually drinks the cheap stuff. I chose the beers and the kids decorated the plain white case.

Bella's artwork:

Graydon's artwork:

A couple more gifts waiting to be opened.

The day was super busy for Andy. He gave a presentation at our church that morning (Saturday) at the Men's Prayer Breakfast. His work wasn't done after the breakfast as he still had to prepare for the church service the next morning. Not quite the relaxing birthday, but we still managed to get some celebrating in.

That evening, Bella and Andy wore their coordinating pajamas.

Earlier in the week, Bella had her first T-ball practice. Most of us parents got a kick out of watching the girls. Some were playing chase in the outfield or drawing in the dirt. Not quite the focused bunch, just yet. But they are having fun and that's the main thing.

And Mr. Curtis is becoming quite the artist.

I have his masterpiece on display on our pantry door.

With three kiddos doing artwork now, I'm running out of surfaces to show off their creations. But I sure love all of the cheerfulness that it adds.

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