Saturday, May 05, 2012

Pumpkin plant and Rainy Days

Just prior to spring break, Bella's kindergarten class planted pumpkin seeds.  When they arrived back at school a week and a half later, those seeds had grown quite a bit.

And now Bella's pumpkin plant has found a place in our yard.

Good thing we got out and planted that day, because the rest of the week was a bit dreary and rainy.

So the boys became pirates.

And played with the rock letters.

Bella Happenings:  Back in January, we started reading Bella's children's Bible.  One story every night.  Earlier this week, we finished!  Next up:  'Charlotte's Web'.  

Graydon Happenings:  While we were playing outside one afternoon, Bella wanted to sit down beside me.  Graydon overheard her and - on his own initiative - went into the garage, dragged out a folding chair, and set it up for Bella.  That was such a caring, gentlemanly thing to do.  I felt so proud of him. 

Curtis Happenings:  Independent.  Stubborn.  Strong-willed.  I think those words might describe his behavior this week.  He wants to do everything himself and has a full blown tantrum if he doesn't get his way.  He's definitely a little two-year-old in the making!

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Love Charlotte's Web