Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello Summer!

We watched some home videos a few weeks back and when they were over, Bella felt a little sad.  As she cried, she told me how she missed Curtis being so little and being able to hold him in her lap.

Last Sunday morning, Curtis was having a rougher time.  Lots of crying and tantrums.  Not a very happy guy.  Bella offered to console him in the best way she could think of - snuggle him all up and hold him in her lap.  And on this particular morning, Curtis was willing to be comforted.
  Bella soaked it up - her baby brother in her arms again. 

Even if he doesn't fit as well as he used to. 
She's such a natural, little mommy.

And Graydon was content to sit with them - on the other side of the couch. 

Little kids at work - mealtime prep seems to go much more peaceful for me when they have a job to do. 

If I leave my coffee cup laying around somewhere, I can be almost certain that it will be gone when I come looking for it again. 

Curtis seems to have a taste for coffee.

It's that time of year again!  The carnival came to town this week!

The tickets go fast now that all of the kids are going on rides (though Curtis just went on the carousel).

Bella got to try out the mechanical swings for the first time.  When the ride was over, she ran up to me and shouted, "That was AWESOME!!!"  A new favorite. 

Curtis was a happy spectator.

And then Friday came - Bella's last day of school.  Here she is with a final goodbye to her bus driver. 

Taking her last steps off the bus as a kindergartener. 

Care-free and skipping up the driveway.  Such a wonderful, happy feeling to know that the entire summer is ahead. 

Our kindergarten grad!

We went out for lunch at Bobby's Burger Palace.   The burgers are a little pricey, but super delicious.  Later that night, we got some frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog that just opened up nearby, watched a movie, "12 Dancing Princesses" (Bella's choice), and camped out in the living room.  The next day was filled with park playing  and swimming.  Bella is becoming a strong, confident swimmer, and she loves being in the water.  The summer is off to a great start!

Yesterday we celebrated Andy.  Happy Father's Day!

He's got his hands a bit full!

Bella made this fun card at school filled with little jobs she will do for Daddy.

Graydon lended his hands, Curtis his feet, and Bella her heart painting skills to create this artwork for Daddy's office.  It's based off of the Bible verse Micah 6:8.  Can't take full credit for this one - I found the idea on Pinterest. 

We continued our celebration at Cracker Barrel for dinner. Lots of eating out for us this weekend!

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mcbenetti said...

Bella is such a sweet little girl!! See you guys soon. What size is mr curtis now a days?