Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Apparently patterned duct tape is all the rage in kids' crafting. I got Bella a couple of rolls and she made this purse! We've got a clever, creative little lady on our hands.

It took me about 20 minutes to fill this bowl full of water balloons. 

And probably less than two for the kids to pop every last one of them. 

When the temps peaked at 99 degrees this last week, we spent a few mornings in this little pool.

And cooled off some more with ice cream cones on the front porch.

I believe that photos never truly do justice to how messy kids really are.  I feel like Curtis looked SO much messier in real life. 
I came downstairs one morning, opened the living room curtains and the whole room was filled with a beautiful orange glow.  Our view out the front window isn't necessarily the prettiest, but a beautiful sunrise sure does help it. 

We're about 18 hours away from loading the van and heading west for a couple of weeks. The kids are beyond excited. Vacation and family time - here we come!!!


Kreuser Family said...

Yay!!!! We're ready for you all to be here!! So excited!

mcbenetti said...

She gets the creativity from her momma