Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another year older. . .

. . . another year wiser?

I hope so!

The kids and Andy treated me like a queen for the day.   All day, Curtis kept shouting, "A ha day-day Mommy!  (Happy Birthday Mommy!)  And I loved hearing all of their sweet voices sing to me.  So cute. 

We enjoyed a day of family fun and put up a tire swing in our yard. (See photos below).

Andy treated us all to Bobby's Burger Palace and we left incredibly stuffed, but of course saved room for cake. 

After the kids were in bed, we opened a bottle of wine and watched 'The Vow' - chosen by Andy!

Earlier in the day, this was the scene outside:  transforming an old tire into a new swing.

It took Andy a few tries to get the rope over the tall limb, but once he did the kids were ready to help him pull it down the other end. 

After a little refresher on You Tube on knot-tying, the swing was up and ready!

The kids are loving it!  I took tons of photos of them playing, but I ended up deleting so many since they were blurry from them swinging so fast.

The next day, we made some cloud dough:  8 parts flour + 1 part oil.

I started this activity indoors, but quickly realized that outside was the place to be with this flour-y mess.

The dough took the shape of any container it was pressed into, but then crumbled in your hands when squeezed.  The boys liked that part.

I'm always pleased to find any of my kids like this.

Only one full week of summer left.  Crazy!

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Animal Talk said...

I loved how graydon and curtis just lay inside the tire