Sunday, September 23, 2012


The boys started playschool on Thursday!  It's just one morning every week and it's a cooperative program which means that I stay in the room with them and each of us moms take a turn being the teacher each week.  This is the same program that we had Bella in four years ago.  Shortly after we arrived, Curtis took off and started playing with the doll house. 

Graydon lingered by my side a bit longer, but soon found a bin of blocks and was on his own from there.

I think that gym time was the favorite for both of them.

And I believe I have a photo of Bella playing on this very slide on her first day of playschool.   

I will say it again. . . I love fall!  Cool mornings, hot afternoons. . . and that that time in between when the temperature is just perfect.  We had some a few nice play times outside this week.  And I owe a deep thanks to whoever invented sand/water tables.  It kept my boys entertained for at least a half hour each time they played with it.  

And we had an impromptu science lesson when this praying mantis showed up on our patio.
Yesterday, we attended a Fall Fair.  The kids had fun checking out the fire truck.

And getting their faces painted.

Graydon opted out.  They also jumped in a Moon Bounce and ate lots of good food.

We started Curtis's potty chart.  He's doing really well!  Not quite ready for underwear (I tried one morning and it didn't work out too well), but I am very encouraged with how well he is doing. 

The boys and I have had icky colds these past few days.  I haven't been sick in a while, so I forgot how crummy a cold can feel.  As long as we're all better by Thursday, then I'll be happy.  My mom is flying out and then Andy and I are heading to the Poconos for a couple of days to celebrate our tenth anniversary!!!!!!!


Mary said...

WOW...10 years already! That's great!!! Congrats to you two.

Prathima Trellis said...

WOW! what a great idea. very creative. lovely!
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