Sunday, October 07, 2012

Hello October!

Hello Halloween crafts!

And beautiful messes!

Two cool dudes.

I took my camera outside one morning.  It's been a while - I've been super lazy about taking pictures.  But on this morning, I just kept clicking away.  It was fun.

Took this one of Curtis after I caught him drinking my tea!

The end of the week was so beautiful - the boys asked if they could go in the sprinkler.  Why not?  When we got outside, this was the scene for a little bit.  I started to wonder if they would really jump in.

So I lowered the water even more.  That seemed to do it.  Can you even see those little trickles of water?

Such goofballs!

All of my photos are from during the day when Bella was at school.  Naptime/quiet time ends, Bella comes home from school. . . and then the house gets CRAZY!  The boys start fighting, Bella's trying to do homework, I'm getting dinner ready. . . and some days it's just not pretty.  Hoping this week will be better!

We went apple picking yesterday.  I always look forward to that every year.  Photos from that to come! 

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