Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Insta-Week

All of my photos come from my phone this week!

Our Advent Tree!

All the boxes are stuffed with three chocolate candies 
as well as an activity for us to enjoy this Christmas season.

Dec. 1st:  A joke for the kids to guess.
"What do snowmen eat for breakfast?"


Dec. 2nd:  Decorate the kitchen window for Christmas.

Dec. 3rd:  Have dinner by candlelight.

Dec. 4th:  Pray for Tamene (the child we sponsor through World Vision)
and Ethiopia (the country where he lives). 

Dec. 5th:  Eat a candy cane.   

Dec 6th:  Make a list of 10 things that we're grateful for.

Bella wrote down the list.  The things that she didn't know 
how to spell, she just guessed!

tiyrswig = tire swing
ridbicks = ride bikes
joes = juice
watr = water
freds = friends

Dec. 7th:  Attend our town's Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

December 8th:  Attend a local church's living nativity.

Most of our activities are simple or are things that I looked up on the calendar ahead of time that I knew I wanted our family to do.  The idea isn't to create more busyness in this already busy time of year, but to be intentional with our time in order to make the most it.  The kids get so excited each evening when it's time to open another box.  Childhood memories in the making!

And lastly, Curtis loves to wear sunglasses, especially one particular pair with a missing lens. 


It sure takes some confidence (and some silliness too!)
to pull off this look!


Lori Benetti said...

I never even use my camera anymore since I got my iphone last year... get ready for dust on your camera. and curtis looks adorable with those shades

mcbenetti said...

Lol..he is soo cute!