Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas Vacation: Part 5

New Year's morning was quiet - which was very welcomed after a few busy, busy days!  But later in the afternoon we had a little adventure in the ice skating department!  This was Bella's second time skating and Graydon's first.  (Curtis and Daddy stayed back).

From cold to hot. . . the next day we went swimming!

Curtis didn't want to leave.

He was kind of a sleepy boy on our trip.

Snacking on apples on our last night in town.

Saturday morning arrived and it was time to hit the road.  We got off to a later start than anticipated.  Andy and I both ended up with the stomach bug on Friday - which pushed off our packing.  Then just as we were heading out the door on Saturday, we realized that all of our DVDs were missing!  About a half hour later, they were discovered at my Grandma's!  By about noon, we were finally off.

After some hours on the road, the kids stretched out at a Starbucks in Ohio.

We watched the Packers defeat the Vikings from our hotel room that evening.

Our first couple of weeks back have been a whirlwind!  Not the lazy January that I had imagined, but all good stuff.  As always, it was hard to say goodbye to everyone.  We're already looking forward to our next Wisconsin trip!

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