Monday, January 28, 2013

Our Insta-January. . .

I haven't taken my regular camera out since we've been back.  But here's a look at our life through my cell phone lens.  

The kids warmed their bellies with some hot cocoa from their new mugs!

Lego towers!

Graydon models his new Grandma-made pajamas.

Spider Man!  His birthday present from our Texas Benetti family. 

Getting to work on a Christmas present from Tyler.  He had a plateful of colors to choose from, but he just used green - his favorite color. 

Taking advantage of a 60 degree day in January.  

Girl Scout cookies are here!  Too bad it wasn't 60 degrees on this January day.

A few inches of snow fell on Friday.  That's the most we've had in a long while. 

And just tonight. . . Bella saw the photo of Graydon in his Grandma-jammies and she wanted a photo of herself in her Grandma-jammes too.

Our big news for the week:  we bought a CAR!!!!  We are finally a two car finally.  I have pics, but they are on Andy's cell phone.  I'll try to get those up next week. 

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