Sunday, February 03, 2013


Our week began with Bella getting sick.  Last Sunday morning, she was crying because her head hurt.  Any time Bella gets sick, it always starts in her head.  She was on the bathroom floor crying because it hurt so much.  I took her temp, which was in the 101 region, and gave her some Tylenol.  She was very upset, not just about being sick, but about having to miss church and a birthday party later that afternoon.  By evening, she seemed better and was able to go to school on Monday.

The next two days were quiet and usual.  But Tuesday night rolled around and Curtis seemed a bit off.  While giving the boys a hot bath, Curtis was shivering and saying that he was cold.  That night he was up crying inconsolably about every hour.  And his body was so hot .  We had him in to the doctor's office on Wednesday morning and got a steroid prescription for Croup.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to deny the little tickle in my throat.  But by that evening, my whole chest and throat felt like it was burning.  My fever started the next day. And it's all a blur to me now, but somewhere in there Graydon started getting sick too.  His fever shot up to 103.8.  And he woke up crying with a bloody nose one morning. It's a good thing Andy got to him first.  Apparently he had smeared the blood all over his face.  I know I would have fainted at the sight of that.

We're still not back to 100%.  My nose is running like a faucet and my head feels like a strong man is trying to squeeze it between the palms of his hands.  The kids and I all still have bad coughs.  It was almost comical to hear each of us coughing around the dinner table the other night - each of us coughing at a different tone - almost sounded like coughing music.  Almost.

Andy has managed to avoid all of the illness so far.  Hopefully had can keep that up.

Graydon fell asleep on the bathroom floor one morning.  This is before all of the illnesses began - but it should have been my clue that things were brewing.  

This was after Curtis's super rough night.  Though he was so tired and in need of rest, I think this nap may have only lasted 20 minutes.  The blasted cough kept waking him up.

Before even eating his lunch after church today, Graydon fell asleep on the couch.  We covered him up and he's still there sleeping right now.

Curtis is asleep on the other couch.

Last night was the first night all week when all kids slept through the night and in their own beds.  I was starting to think we'd need to get a king-sized bed for all of these little stragglers.

Although Bella missed the birthday party earlier in the week, her friend still gave her a goody bag at school.  Inside the bag were some sunglasses.  You know how much Curtis loves those!  The boys each claimed a pair and wore them during bedtime stories.

Bella's class took a field trip to the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia to see "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day".  She loved it!

On a happy note:  it's February!  We colored some hearts I added a few Valentine decorations to cheer this sick house up a bit.

Now it's time to gear up for the Super Bowl.  This house is rooting for Baltimore.  Go Ravens!!!!!!

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Debbie said...

Hope you all feel better soon. Can tell in the pics that the kids don't feel well.