Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The experiment that flopped

Those paper towels were supposed to absorb the colored water, creating a green pool of water in the middle cup.   photo IMG_1879_zps141304c0.jpg

Guess I did something wrong.  Maybe my paper towels were too thick.  Or I didn't have enough colored water? 


Plan B: Mixing colors

We started with just the blue and yellow.  I showed the boys how we made green.  Then I grabbed some red and the rest is history!  I was proud to show the boys how we made a rainbow from the three original colors.

But Graydon didn't want to stop there.  "Let's mix green and yellow."  "Let's mix blue and purple."  "We need white!" 
 photo IMG_1884_zpsd16a66f5.jpg

 photo IMG_1881_zpsc10bb257.jpg

 photo IMG_1883_zpsf9533632.jpg

And when we ran out of cups were done mixing colors, they wanted to put them on display in their room.
 photo IMG_1887_zpsd40123c3.jpg

Five days later, they sit there still - though the water levels are lower. 

Maybe our next lesson can be on evaporation! 

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