Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The experiment that flopped

Those paper towels were supposed to absorb the colored water, creating a green pool of water in the middle cup. 

Guess I did something wrong.  Maybe my paper towels were too thick.  Or I didn't have enough colored water?


Plan B: Mixing colors

We started with just the blue and yellow.  I showed the boys how we made green.  Then I grabbed some red and the rest is history!  I was proud to show the boys how we made a rainbow from the three original colors.

But Graydon didn't want to stop there.  "Let's mix green and yellow."  "Let's mix blue and purple."  "We need white!" 

And when we ran out of cups were done mixing colors, they wanted to put them on display in their room.

Five days later, they sit there still - though the water levels are lower.

Maybe our next lesson can be on evaporation! 

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