Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter. Finally!!!

Easter Sunday morning began bright and early for Andy and me. He preached the message at our town's sunrise service. A friend from church came over to watch the kids (who stayed asleep the majority of the time we were gone). Shortly after we got home, it was time to get everyone ready for the Sunday School's Easter program.
 photo IMG_2074_zpsdd70b510.jpg

 photo IMG_2087_zps1da0df34.jpg

Bella always takes such nice photos. 
 photo IMG_2098_zps3036a560.jpg

Even Graydon gave me a nice smile. 
 photo IMG_2093_zps1d39cf46.jpg

Curtis did his best. 
 photo 1-14_zps08c96ec8.jpg

Here are some highlights from the children's Easter Program.

You've got to love Graydon's singing voice!  He only brings out that version when he's on stage.  :P 

I do have a better family photo where Curtis is actually smiling nicely!  Unfortunately, Graydon is picking his nose. 
 photo IMG_2114_zps367503d6.jpg

Easter basket time!
 photo IMG_2116_zps5a089f21.jpg

 photo IMG_2119_zps19bc2b59.jpg

 photo IMG_2118_zpsa24c1771.jpg

 photo IMG_2123_zps7d79c023.jpg

We celebrated later on with dinner at some friends' house and another egg hunt! 

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mcbenetti said...

His singing voice is profound!