Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gearing up for Easter!

Activity #1:  Resurrection Rolls!

We did these for the first time last year.  Now it's a tradition.

marshmallow - Jesus's body
melted butter and cinnamon/sugar mixture - the oil and spices that they anointed Jesus's body with
crescent roll - the tomb where Jesus's body was laid

The empty tomb!

Activity #2:  Easter Egg Hunting

Our church has a HUGE egg hunt every year.  The kids always look forward to it.

Each child probably collected at least 50 eggs.  Some were filled with candy while others had slips of paper that were good for prizes.

The hunting is sectioned off into three different age groups.  In each group, there is one golden egg hidden.  Whoever finds it gets a trophy and a special prize - chocolate and a $5 gift certificate to Rita's Water Ice (this place is popular out here but I don't think there are any in WI). 

While I was going through Curtis's eggs, I was so excited to discover that he found a golden egg!  He was excited too.  Not that you can tell here.  This is what his posed smile looks like these days.  :)

Moments later, I discovered a very elated Bella.  She found an egg too! 

While I was thrilled for her, I thought it might not look so good that the pastor's kids won two of the golden eggs.  We had no idea where they were hidden.  I promise!

Here are the three big winners!

Poor Graydon was feeling a big left out after all of this.  Later at home, Bella found a little trophy that he could put up on the dresser too.

Activity #3:  Easter Egg Dyeing

Later that evening. . . 

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