Saturday, April 27, 2013

Life through the (cell phone) lens

Here are some cell pics from the past month or so. . . 

The kids admire a beautiful sunset from our upstairs bathroom.
 photo IMG_0465_zpse77d59a4.jpg

I scored this costume at a consignment shop for $4.50.  On any given day, at least one of the boys is in it at some point. 
 photo IMG_0579_zpsd154b01b.jpg

Even seven-year-olds get a little messy when eating chocolate.  (At least this one does). 
 photo IMG_0580_zps44c2faa1.jpg

Bella hosted a tea party in her room.  The "tea" was chocolate milk.  We also had pretzels and fruit.
 photo IMG_0581_zps7eda3cee.jpg

Coloring after storytime at Barnes & Noble.  Curtis usually scribbles something and is done in a minute or two.  This day, however, he spent a good 10-15 minutes and used multiple crayons (as opposed to the usual: one) to create this masterpiece.  I'm keeping it. 
 photo IMG_0582_zps2e70812b.jpg

Graydon and Bella colored nicely as well. 
 photo IMG_0583_zpsdaa9cf6d.jpg

 photo IMG_0540_zps7912fbf8.jpg

"Look Mom!  Trees and a house!" 
 photo IMG_0584_zps85f93cd2.jpg

I chaperoned Bella's class field trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences museum in Philadelphia.  After keeping track of five first graders in a crowded big city museum, I was exhausted. 
 photo IMG_0585_zps1ac611b1.jpg

When we got back to school, I signed Bella out early and we went out for coffee (hot chocolate for her). 
 photo IMG_0586_zps9216de06.jpg

April 26th was 'Take Your Child to Work Day'.  Bella was Andy's Assistant Pastor for the day.  She dressed in one of Andy's old sweaters that I accidentally shrunk.  Her idea!  They were quite the pair.  She says that she wants to be a pastor or a teacher when she grows up!
 photo IMG_2165_zps409e982a.jpg

While loading the kids into the car, we told them that we had a surprise.  We stopped to get gas along the way, to which Graydon whines, "Is this the surprise?"  They were all excited (and relieved) to discover that the real surprise was ice cream!
 photo IMG_0587_zpsc2d18ace.jpg

A picnic at the park on a beautiful Saturday. 
 photo IMG_0589_zpsf1e80376.jpg

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Lori Benetti said...

I like Graydon's longer hair in the ice cream picture!