Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Curtis!

June 28, 2010
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June 28, 2011
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June 28, 2012
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As I type this, I am very aware that exactly three years ago at this time, we were packing up the remainder of our things and about to make our way to the hospital. My c-section was scheduled first thing the next morning, but my water broke! I never liked the idea of scheduling my children's birthdays, but it turns out that June 28th was just meant to be the day that Curtis entered this world!

Two big milestones during this past year that I have failed to document on this blog are:

1. Curtis sleeps in a big boy bed! He actually has since late January. One day, he was just finished. He saw Graydon getting into his bed (they share a room) and he wanted to do the same. He slept on his crib mattress for about a month until we got him an actual bed. He didn't seem to mind, but I always felt bad when I'd check on him and half of his body would be on the floor. I figured that I'd take photos of the boys' room with their matching beds once I got their comforters. As it turns out, they still don't have comforters. I haven't found anything that I like that is reasonably priced. Graydon sleeps nicely in his sleeping bag and Curtis sleeps on top of his sleeping bag with a mess of blankets all around him. He vary rarely wants to be under any kind of covers.

2. Curtis is potty trained! I'd say he's been safely trained for about a month now. For a long while, I just kept waiting for him to be ready. I'd often ask him if he wanted to use the potty. He'd always say "No!" Several weeks ago, instead of asking, I just started to say, "Come on Curtis. Let's go potty!" He started doing it and we just kept reminding him and before we knew it, he was trained!

Some of Curtis's current interests include Spiderman (superheros in general), riding bikes, and playing with his tools. He's been a picky eater latey, but LOVES smoothies. He is goofy, strong-willed at times, playful, sweet. . .and we all love him so much!

We are so grateful for another year to celebrate this precious boy.

Happy birthday Curtis!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sesame Place!

We kicked off summer in a big way.  Sesame Place!

This is the Disney World of Sesame Street and, fortunately for us, is just about a half-hour drive from our house.

The last time we were there, Curtis was a just a newborn!

Here's Graydon sliding out of a big bucket of sand.
 photo IMG_0842_zps838b8108.jpg

Curtis climbed down a big hill of bouncy balls to get to his slide.
 photo IMG_0843_zpscb8f7874.jpg

All of the water rides helped us beat the heat.
 photo IMG_0846_zpse387091f.jpg

 photo IMG_0847_zps278f47e9.jpg

 photo IMG_0848_zpse5a41391.jpg

 photo IMG_0849_zpsf3d7535b.jpg

After lunch, Curtis and I got separated from Andy, Bella, and Graydon.  (I'll blame long bathroom lines and a lack of communication on my and Andy's part for that one).  While we were looking for them, Curtis and I went on a few rides.  
 photo IMG_0851_zpsa80673d8.jpg

The teacups and I haven't been friends since high school.  But I couldn't pass up a chance to ride with my littlest guy.
 photo IMG_0852_zps0229a086.jpg

 photo IMG_0853_zps5f8babbc.jpg

We all reunited and went on a ride together before finding our spot to watch the parade.
 photo IMG_0856_zpse80a8667.jpg

A great shot of Bella's most recent tooth loss. 
 photo IMG_0857_zps21d215ba.jpg

 photo IMG_0858_zps40b9a4f5.jpg

 photo IMG_0859_zpsbbde07ac.jpg

We clearly didn't get the greatest spot.  If you look closely, you can see Big Bird leading the way.  
 photo IMG_0860_zps90cf5c00.jpg

 photo IMG_0862_zpsd1049f21.jpg

After this photo, I went on the water contraption behind us with Bella and got completely soaked.  But it was awesome.  I went down three different water slides and LOVED it!
 photo IMG_0865_zps41746904.jpg

 photo IMG_0867_zps7d573448.jpg

We ended our visit with a ride on the roller coaster.  Even Curtis could ride.  I haven't been on a roller coaster since college.  I forgot how fast they are.  This one was very tame compared to coasters that I've ridden. . . but I still screamed like a little girl!  So much fun!  And the lines were much shorter by this point, so we went again.  Curtis still says that this was his favorite part of the whole day.

Summer is off to a great start! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hello Summer Vacation!!!!

It was a highly anticipated day.  The last day of school!

The boys showed their support for big sis when we picked her up at the bus stop.
 photo IMG_2278_zps88382e88.jpg

Even Daddy came!
 photo IMG_2281_zps6fdde7e7.jpg

Check out this happy little lady.
 photo IMG_2284_zps27b256d7.jpg

We stopped at our neighbor's - Rita's Water Ice!
 photo IMG_2285_zps535181dd.jpg

 photo IMG_2286_zpseb78f4e3.jpg

The first place Bella headed to when we got home was the tree in our front yard.  She did the exact same thing last year.  I guess there's something about climbing a tree that yells "Hello summer!"
 photo IMG_2301_zps48e780dd.jpg

 photo IMG_2290_zpsbe3621e7.jpg

 photo IMG_2306_zps05018edc.jpg

She's home for what we have jokingly called a "really long weekend!"
 photo IMG_2311_zpsa73cb4eb.jpg

Yippee for summer vacation!!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bella's theatrical debut!

A young couple from our church are very involved in community theater productions.  They recently directed a play to raise money for the organization: Free to Breath, which does lung cancer research.  One of their close friends (a young woman who had never smoked) recently passed away from lung cancer after battling it for three-and-a-half years.  They held auditions and rehearsals at our church.  During the auditions, Bella happened to be at the church with Andy.  They asked her to try out and the rest is history!

The play was called 'Children of Eden'.  Act I consists of the creation story, eating from the tree, and being cast out of the garden.  Act II is Noah's Ark.  Bella was cast in the children's ensemble and as the dove who retrieves the olive branch and lets the crew know that there is dry land.

The play was held at a community theater this past weekend.  Bella was a busy girl - five shows!  Photography was not allowed during the show, but the production team did take some photos during dress rehearsals that they gave us access to.

Here are some photos from Bella's theatrical debut!
 photo IMG_0826_zpsde2f6248.jpg

 photo DSC04279_zpse6d224e3.jpg

 photo DSC04370_zpsf8640707.jpg

 photo DSC04374_zps99af284e.jpg

 photo DSC04445_zps6fb4d037.jpg

Bella is in the front row, second girl from the right.
 photo DSC04509_zps4a4f6b17.jpg

The whole cast in the final scene. 
 photo DSC04515_zpsbdc41dc9.jpg

 photo IMG_0827_zpsf8f1ec00.jpg

Bella had a great time being involved with this play and it opened her up to a whole new experience. We'll see if there are any other plays in her future.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fruit/Veggie Picking

I took the boys fruit/veggie picking one morning about a week ago while Bella was at school.  We picked strawberries, snap peas, and cherries.  I loved being out in the wide open spaces of the farm. 
 photo IMG_0803_zps9989cbbf.jpg

 photo IMG_0804_zps15565100.jpg

 photo IMG_0811_zps8b346da1.jpg

Strawberries and peas were $2.95/lb.  Cherries were $4.95/lb.  We did fill up with more cherries, but other than that, this is what we got.  My main intent here was the experience, not spending a lot of money.  But when we got weighed at the end, I realized that we could have picked a bit more as my grand total was $1.15!  Our load sure seemed heavier than that!  
 photo IMG_0816_zps6e3ccda7.jpg

There was also a little park connected to the farm.  The boys both got carts of their own to ride, but when Graydon saw Curtis struggling, he got off his cart and pushed his little brother. 
 photo IMG_0818_zps3f9995f3.jpg

Farmer Curtis! 
 photo IMG_0819_zps626b3609.jpg

I love a good day at the farm!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Curtis has some big shoes to fill!
 photo IMG_2254_zps45195b77.jpg

We were all so happy to celebrate Daddy yesterday!
 photo IMG_2258_zpsc074bb69.jpg

During the kids' quiet time, I heard a lot of tape being pulled and torn off.  Graydon was busy.  After Daddy's Father's Day nap, Graydon presented him with his little yellow masterpiece. 
 photo IMG_0839_zps7e2664e5.jpg

We were all excited to see what Graydon put in the box that he spent so much time wrapping.  It took Andy a little bit to tear back all of those layers of tape.  He opened the box and inside was. . . . .


It was the tissue paper that was already in the box.  Graydon helped me wrap Andy's actual Father's Day gift earlier in the day and was very excited to 'make more presents' for Daddy.  He must have spent at least a half hour wrapping this gift.  Maybe longer?  That kind of time and attention is definitely a gift - just one that can't be put in a box.

Andy's big gift from us was a new espresso machine.  Our original one stopped working a few months ago and it was definitely time for a replacement.

I also interviewed the kids earlier in the week to get their thoughts on their Dad.  Each kid was interviewed separately and I didn't tell them the questions until I was taping them.  There are many silly answers and lots of sweet ones too!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garden decor

When we first planted our garden, many of the plants looked similar or they were just seeds still buried under the ground. I thought it would be fun to have the kids make some garden markers so that we knew where everything was.

I had some old canning lids and large popsicle sticks - so we painted those.  
 photo IMG_2177_zps17130bb7.jpg

 photo IMG_2178_zpse8d2f00e.jpg

 photo IMG_2181_zps7e495f20.jpg

 photo IMG_2180_zps8a6d1d7e.jpg

Here are a few of them in our garden a few weeks ago. 
 photo IMG_0664_zps6c38e8cb.jpg

 photo IMG_0665_zps5cae8ef8.jpg

 photo IMG_0666_zpse3caa23a.jpg

Small disclaimer: these markers are currently NOT in our garden as my hot glue did not withstand the elements and all of lids were flat on the ground.  I tried again with wood glue and had the same result.  Andy is going to make one final attempt with this crazy goopy glue that he has.  I'm pretty sure it will work.  I think these kid-made markers add such a creative touch to our garden.  And it was one more way to get the kiddos involved.

Here's the most recent photo from our garden.  Everything is growing nicely and it is extremely rewarding to see little green tomatoes already.   I've been grabbing from my herb garden almost nightly.  I am so happy that we started gardening!
 photo 580514_10151732015411554_415938877_n_zps243de518.jpg