Saturday, June 08, 2013

A little getaway. . .

Just after our church service on Memorial Day weekend, we packed up a suitcase and headed to Lancaster, PA for some family time.  In my haste, I neglected to grab my camera.  Once again, iPhone to the rescue!

Our getaway began with Flavor Fest.  It was located on the grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair.  Andy and I bought $3 wine glasses and then received complimentary wine tasting from 20 wineries that had booths set up throughout the entire fair ground. 

There were also a lot of great kid activities and we couldn't have asked for better weather - warm sun, gentle breeze.  Pretty much a perfect day. 

Homemade pickle.  Yes, please!

Face painting.  Sure!

Curtis opted for ice cream instead of face painting.

Of course, we chose a hotel with a pool.  We went swimming in the evening (super packed pool) and again in the morning (pool all to ourselves!)  No pictures from those times, but I do have a photo of Bella's post-swim hair - which she loved and didn't want me to fix. 

We went on a buggy ride that boarded near the Red Caboose Motel.  These cabooses are all hotel rooms!

Waving to the train while awaiting our buggy ride.

As we rode on the buggy, I reflected on how I appreciate this pace of life to the hectic, crazy, fast-paced New Jersey life that is literally right out our front door.  This was so peaceful. 

We saw lots of farms.

Graydon got a little sleepy and wanted to use my leg for a pillow. 

If we weren't careful, I think those goats may have bitten a finger or two!

I loved watching the mother hen with her little babies. 

Not pictured was a little park that the kids absolutely loved.  It was basic with swings, slides, monkey bars, etc.  But there must have been something special about it because Bella was actually in tears when it was time to leave.

Walking to the top of the view tower. 

And back down again. 

Driving home.  Back to reality.  But first enjoying the breathtaking scenery - a far cry from the urban jungle that we live in. 

We're are already looking forward to our next visit. 


Jodi said...

How fun!!! Love family get vacations!! Lol, did Graydon ask for a butterfly on his face? Soooo cute!!

mcbenetti said...

$3 wine in!!!

The Kilps Family said...

Jodi - Yes! Out of all the pictures, that's the one he wanted!

Mary - I agree! I thought about you while we were there. You would have loved it!