Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bella's theatrical debut!

A young couple from our church are very involved in community theater productions.  They recently directed a play to raise money for the organization: Free to Breath, which does lung cancer research.  One of their close friends (a young woman who had never smoked) recently passed away from lung cancer after battling it for three-and-a-half years.  They held auditions and rehearsals at our church.  During the auditions, Bella happened to be at the church with Andy.  They asked her to try out and the rest is history!

The play was called 'Children of Eden'.  Act I consists of the creation story, eating from the tree, and being cast out of the garden.  Act II is Noah's Ark.  Bella was cast in the children's ensemble and as the dove who retrieves the olive branch and lets the crew know that there is dry land.

The play was held at a community theater this past weekend.  Bella was a busy girl - five shows!  Photography was not allowed during the show, but the production team did take some photos during dress rehearsals that they gave us access to.

Here are some photos from Bella's theatrical debut!

The whole cast in the final scene.

Bella had a great time being involved with this play and it opened her up to a whole new experience. We'll see if there are any other plays in her future.

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