Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Curtis has some big shoes to fill!

We were all so happy to celebrate Daddy yesterday!

During the kids' quiet time, I heard a lot of tape being pulled and torn off.  Graydon was busy.  After Daddy's Father's Day nap, Graydon presented him with his little yellow masterpiece. 

We were all excited to see what Graydon put in the box that he spent so much time wrapping.  It took Andy a little bit to tear back all of those layers of tape.  He opened the box and inside was. . . . .


It was the tissue paper that was already in the box.  Graydon helped me wrap Andy's actual Father's Day gift earlier in the day and was very excited to 'make more presents' for Daddy.  He must have spent at least a half hour wrapping this gift.  Maybe longer?  That kind of time and attention is definitely a gift - just one that can't be put in a box.

Andy's big gift from us was a new espresso machine.  Our original one stopped working a few months ago and it was definitely time for a replacement.

I also interviewed the kids earlier in the week to get their thoughts on their Dad.  Each kid was interviewed separately and I didn't tell them the questions until I was taping them.  There are many silly answers and lots of sweet ones too!


mcbenetti said...

what a treasure from. good thing it wasnt used. lol

mcbenetti said...

from graydon

Kreuser Family said...

Lol I love the video. Ava and I watched it before bed and were cracking up!