Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fruit/Veggie Picking

I took the boys fruit/veggie picking one morning about a week ago while Bella was at school.  We picked strawberries, snap peas, and cherries.  I loved being out in the wide open spaces of the farm. 
 photo IMG_0803_zps9989cbbf.jpg

 photo IMG_0804_zps15565100.jpg

 photo IMG_0811_zps8b346da1.jpg

Strawberries and peas were $2.95/lb.  Cherries were $4.95/lb.  We did fill up with more cherries, but other than that, this is what we got.  My main intent here was the experience, not spending a lot of money.  But when we got weighed at the end, I realized that we could have picked a bit more as my grand total was $1.15!  Our load sure seemed heavier than that!  
 photo IMG_0816_zps6e3ccda7.jpg

There was also a little park connected to the farm.  The boys both got carts of their own to ride, but when Graydon saw Curtis struggling, he got off his cart and pushed his little brother. 
 photo IMG_0818_zps3f9995f3.jpg

Farmer Curtis! 
 photo IMG_0819_zps626b3609.jpg

I love a good day at the farm!

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