Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hello Summer Vacation!!!!

It was a highly anticipated day.  The last day of school!

The boys showed their support for big sis when we picked her up at the bus stop.
 photo IMG_2278_zps88382e88.jpg

Even Daddy came!
 photo IMG_2281_zps6fdde7e7.jpg

Check out this happy little lady.
 photo IMG_2284_zps27b256d7.jpg

We stopped at our neighbor's - Rita's Water Ice!
 photo IMG_2285_zps535181dd.jpg

 photo IMG_2286_zpseb78f4e3.jpg

The first place Bella headed to when we got home was the tree in our front yard.  She did the exact same thing last year.  I guess there's something about climbing a tree that yells "Hello summer!"
 photo IMG_2301_zps48e780dd.jpg

 photo IMG_2290_zpsbe3621e7.jpg

 photo IMG_2306_zps05018edc.jpg

She's home for what we have jokingly called a "really long weekend!"
 photo IMG_2311_zpsa73cb4eb.jpg

Yippee for summer vacation!!!!

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