Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, USA!

I intended to take lots of photos at our parade. But sometimes it's nice to relax, enjoy the floats and music, and chit chat with friends.  So I did that instead.

Our kids were decked out in the shirts they made with Auntie Jodi last year. They also wore their fire cracker hats that they made and waved their little American flags. No photos of that, but I'll remember it. (And if I forget, I can always peek at last year's photos!)

The kids collected a bag full of candy!

Our friends live pretty close to the parade route, so we spent the afternoon at their house for a BBQ. That's always a great way to celebrate!

In the evening, we lit up some sparklers.

Happy birthday, America! I'm very thankful to call this country my home.


mcbenetti said...

Icant bbelieve those shirts still fit.

Kreuser Family said...

Awww!! Awesome!! Can't wait until you guys get here! :D