Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life through the cell phone lens (April-July edition)

The card Bella designed for teacher appreciation day.
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Graydon made a cross out of his lunch cheese. 
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One of many visits to the park!
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My heart always warms whenever I find one of them like this. 
 photo IMG_0981_zps037e5af1.jpg

Prince Graydon, Prince Curtis, and Princess Bella were officially asked to be a part of Auntie Mary's wedding day!
 photo IMG_0777_zpsaf99852f.jpg

 Barefoot in the garden.  Graydon is in his element. 
 photo IMG_0983_zps52d724e0.jpg

Curtis likes to help out a bit as well.  I can't believe how teeny these plants all look.  They are so huge now and we've already picked lots of peppers, green beans, onions, and tomatoes. 
 photo IMG_0982_zps9b8f0f13.jpg

Splashing around at Miss Nancy's pool!
 photo IMG_0984_zps9567b688.jpg

Curtis grinds the flax seed for our granola bars. 
 photo IMG_0986_zpsc579d243.jpg

I found the kids all looking through their scrapbooks.  I'm so happy that they are already enjoying them!
 photo IMG_0987_zps67813631.jpg

We recently joined our local pool and have spent many summer days there.  Swimsuits have been the kids' main article of clothing this summer. 
 photo IMG_0988_zps75c90841.jpg

Off to camp for three days!  Bella's first time!!!!!  
 photo IMG_0989_zpsd1214fc2.jpg

It is not an uncommon thing to find Graydon digging holes in our backyard.  He is usually "planting a flower" (usually a weed that he pulled from another area in the yard).  This huge weed was growing in our rose bushes.  We didn't realize it was a weed at first as it blended right in.  Moments after Andy clipped it, I found Graydon digging a hole to "plant the tree".  
 photo IMG_0990_zps796c4b9e.jpg

Cracked driver's side mirror - a casualty from letting the kids help wash the van. 
 photo IMG_0991_zps67e3bd78.jpg

Graydon took this photo of us in our church's basement. 
 photo IMG_0992_zpsb49fb3f1.jpg

Bella just after she earned her green band at the pool!  She had to swim two full laps across the pool - freestyle one way and back stroke the other.  This band now gives her access to the diving board and slide!
 photo IMG_0993_zpsd67b8554.jpg

On the last day of the boys' swim lessons, their teachers took them to the 12 foot area to jump off the diving board.  I was pretty nervous watching since the majority of their lessons were held in the 2 foot pool! 
 photo IMG_0994_zpsb845d345.jpg

Both boys did it!  I couldn't believe it!!!
 photo IMG_0995_zps5642cdb9.jpg

Way to go big boys!!!
 photo IMG_0996_zps1e76d629.jpg

If you give Graydon paper, markers, and scissors, he can be occupied for hours.  On this day, he secretly grabbed a straw from the kitchen and made what I have been calling a "pom pom". 
 photo IMG_0997_zps50f112c4.jpg

A busy week for me.  I had a huge order from my shop: 6 hats and 6 pairs of slippers! 
 photo IMG_0998_zpsc747a715.jpg

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mary said...

those slippers are soo adorable!
isnt summer fun when your a kid...I just have to work everyday. :)