Thursday, August 29, 2013

Water balloons

Though summer is winding down, it's not over yet!  We hadn't played with water balloons yet this summer, so it was high time to remedy that.

It seems to take forever to fill these up and almost seconds for all of them to pop!

I ended up filling more after our initial bowl.

Graydon was content to throw and pop the balloons.

Bella wanted to throw the balloons in the air to count how many times she could catch one.

Curtis didn't want to play.  He was afraid of getting wet.  But he was very willing to get his picture taken.  He literally stood in front of the camera and asked me to take his picture.  Very rare.

Bella and Graydon developed a game of catch.

And Curtis came back to pose for another picture.

Some pics from the phone. . .

Curtis got a little tangled up while getting dressed. Photo is blurry. He kept running from the camera this time.

Graydon recently started wearing ties to church "because Daddy does." Can't argue with that!

Two masked cowboys stormed into the room where I was reading my Bible. Such silly boys!

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