Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Savoring Summer

The calendar was racing to the end of August.  Many kids in other areas were already back to school.  But as far as we were concerned, summer hadn't left yet. . . and we wanted to savor every drop of it.  No better place to do that than the shore!

Bella and Graydon went out looking for shells and sea glass with "Miss Jane".  Jane has a home on the island and invited us to visit.  The kids love her and we do too.   

Curtis spent the first hour on my lap, buried under a towel.  The wind was a bit strong at times, blowing sand all around.  He didn't like that.

Bella ended up digging a pretty deep hole.

Graydon and Andy saw a seal! (Not pictured.  I didn't end up seeing it).

Eventually Curtis left his little cocoon.

We just love days at the shore.

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