Monday, October 28, 2013

Family Portraits

Our last portraits were taken when Curtis was just about to turn one. These kids have changed a lot since then and it was time to document that!

The afternoon started out a little rough.  Curtis, who rarely naps anymore, fell asleep about fifteen minutes before we needed to leave.  He was all dressed and passed out at the top of our staircase.  We let him sleep as long as we could.  When we woke him up, he let us know in no uncertain terms that he was not happy and proceeded to cry all the way to our photo shoot location. 

I was nervous.

We met the photographer and started with this shot.  Curtis could be grumpy and it didn't matter.  Graydon, on the other hand, was making silly faces during this one. 
 photo IMG_3381_zpsb6b7e32a.jpg

I had my doubts about how these photos were turning out.  Curtis was pretty grumpy at first and our photographer commented on how Curtis was going to make her work for his smiles. 

Our whole photo shoot lasted maybe 30 minutes tops.  I was thankful for her time, but somewhat doubted that we got many good shots based on Curtis's mood. 

I don't know what kind of magic she worked, but we got some smiles!

This is my favorite of our whole family.  I'm getting a canvas of it for sure.  
 photo IMG_3393e_zps275f2506.jpg

I love these following two of the kids as well.  One of these will go on canvas too - I'm leaning towards the black and white.  And for as difficult as Curtis was, Bella and Graydon made up for it by easily giving some awesome smiles. 
 photo IMG_3408e_zpsd9136bf6.jpg

 photo IMG_3417e_zps78ce2677.jpg

 photo IMG_3419e_zpsc745d269.jpg

 photo IMG_3428e_zpse20d6f95.jpg

 photo IMG_3433e_zps0906d7b9.jpg

 photo IMG_3434e_zpsf5973b56.jpg

 photo IMG_3438e_zpse3549759.jpg

 photo IMG_3441e_zps965d6f3e.jpg

 photo IMG_3448e_zps473f1775.jpg

 photo IMG_3453e_zps0132d28b.jpg

 photo IMG_3466e_zpsb3d5c174.jpg

 photo IMG_3469e_zps524b85ee.jpg

 photo IMG_3493e_zpse35d506f.jpg

Can't wait to hang these all over my house!

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mcbenetti said...

Can you send me some of these pics? I ned to update. They turned out great! They are getting sooo big!