Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Outings and Spring

The boys'playgroup took a field trip to a local catering place.  We saw all of the big pots, ovens, freezers, and my favorite, how they make spaghetti!  After the tour was complete, the kids enjoyed a pasta snack.  (And I made some purchases for an upcoming dinner in our house!).


Fall clean-up?  It sure looks that way.  Either we didn't do the greatest yard clean-up last fall or our tree dropped a lot of leaves after our clean-up day.  Either way, we had a lot of leaves and brush to tend to.  Andy and I realized a little progression that has been happening in our family.  Just a couple of years ago, one of us would be doing yard work while the other was watching kids.  The next year, we could both be working while the kids played on their own.  This year, they're helping!  And things are getting done much quicker! 

Well, maybe they're not always working. 

Bella's Brownie troop had a roller skating event that siblings could tag along to; so I brought Graydon.  He didn't want any help from me and was determined to skate along just as fast as he could on his own.  The mommy in me just wanted to be next to him and hold his hand and keep him from falling.  But he wanted to do it himself.  There were many falls, but he just kept on getting back up.  Later on, he invited me to come alongside, but it was short-lived because he soon discovered a friend from his preschool class.  He immediately dropped my hand and skated off. . . while looking back to see if she noticed.  Already trying to impress the ladies. 

Bella was in her element.  She's pretty speedy and got in quite a workout - as that red face can attest.  

Andy took these photos of Graydon outside of his preschool. 
photo 1

Those are Ninja Turtle tattoos all over his legs - something that he got into during quiet time.
photo 2

I love that everything is finally in bloom!

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