Thursday, May 22, 2014

May Days

When I flew back to Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago, my dad picked me up at the airport and then brought me to his work.  After all of these years of him working for this company, I had never been there before.  Here he is in his office!  And in less than a year now, he will pack up his stuff and RETIRE!  My dad works SO hard and we are all so excited for that day. 

I was still in Wisconsin on the morning of Mother's Day, so I actually got to see my mom this year. 

Then I flew home to see my kids (and Andy).  A full and complete Mother's Day!

Found a couple of selfies on my phone. 


Our first spinach harvest.  Now we can just go out there and pick some whenever we want a salad.  Loving it!

We had a lot of documents in need of shredding.  Each of the kids helped out with this fun (to them) chore. 

Andy brought in the recycle bin for easy dumping.  And we completely filled it!


This past Sunday, we went to an event on a historic property called 'Victorian Times'. 

I felt like we were in 'Alice in Wonderland'. "Painting the roses red. . . " kept running through my head.

We sat in on a lesson in tea etiquette, saw juggling jesters, puppeteers, and dancers. 

Bella played 'The Game of Graces'.  Each player gets two wooden sticks and they toss a wooden hoop decorated in ribbons back and forth.  This was, apparently, a good game for little girls back then as it didn't involve lots of running around and getting dirty.  Bella really enjoyed it and wants to make one for herself. 

Free face painting!



Monday was Graydon's preschool class field trip to a nature center. 


And today the boys' playgroup went to a local fire house. 


Busy, but wonderful days. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mary's 50's Housewife Bridal Shower

I enjoyed flying solo (literally) last weekend when I went back to Wisconsin for Mary's bridal shower. The theme was "50's Housewife".

These invites went out at the end of March. (Contact info obviously blocked.)

We drank from mason jars and guessed how much different items cost in the 1950s. 


This shower made it so easy to come up with practical prizes and decorations that will be used beyond the event.

Wooden spoon centerpieces (went to each of the bridesmaids).  

Wash cloth party favors. 

Cleaning product prizes thanks to my cousin Bridget!

Nora was the youngest "housewife". 

And Simon was the only boy.   

Mary and her bridesmaids.

Our authentic 1950s housewife - Grandma Helen!

I loved seeing all of the different outfits that the ladies came up with!

My mom made all of our aprons.

All the housewives!

Thanks again to all of the bridesmaids for helping to pull this off! (And thanks again Bridget for the majority of these pictures!)

Next event: Mary and Andy's wedding!!!