Friday, June 20, 2014

A Few Randoms

Graydon put on a little puppet show.  He made this 'Ninja Turtle' and taped a plastic snake on the back.  I love his imagination.  (And whoa!  Look at the fingerprints on that TV!  I promise that I do clean it.)

Bella received a certificate at a school assembly for completing the 'Read and Lead' program.  She read 2,000 minutes throughout several months of the school year.  One of her prizes was a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card!  Bella loves to read and that makes me so happy. 

I was a room mom in Bella's class this year.  All of the room parents plus the second graders got these t-shirts that had the school mascot on the front and the names of all the second graders on the back.  If we weren't moving, Bella would be graduating to the upper elementary school.  So, finishing up second grade is a big deal at her school.  To celebrate, we had a big party complete with lots of outdoor games.  And Bella thought it was cool that we were matching that day.  I wonder how long she will think that!

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