Monday, August 11, 2014

Hope, Indiana

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We arrived her around noon on Thursday morning.  As we pulled in to town, we were about to make our final right turn before heading onto our street and then we were stopped.  That road was being repaved and would be blocked for at least another half hour or so.  So close and yet so far!  Fortunately, a girl from the area pulled up behind us and led us around to another entrance into town.

When we pulled into the driveway of the new house, the movers were already there and almost completely done moving our stuff in.  They asked me where I wanted various pieces of furniture and I had absolutely no idea!   

This is our view from the front porch.  So peaceful and quite.  I am really enjoying that. 

And the kids are taking full advantage of all of the space to run around. 

I think their favorite thing so far is riding their bikes on the driveway whenever they feel like it.  In New Jersey, I had to head out to the garage across the parking lot and unlock it for them, which wasn't always convenient for me if I was in the middle of something.  And I always felt the need to sit out there with them due to the heavy traffic near the house and the random people who would walk through the parking lot.  Here, the garage is attached and they have a little bit more freedom and independence, which we can all appreciate. 

New church friends have been very generous with meals and vegetables!  (You are looking at the back entrance of the house that leads right into the dining room).  More house pics to come eventually.   
IMG_0011 2

Bella had her whole room unpacked by the end of the first night!  But she still has no curtains or anything up on her walls.  One thing at a time.

Here in Indiana, we must be about as far west as you can get while still being in the Eastern Time Zone.  For that reason, this is what the sky still looks like at 9pm!  I'm sure I will appreciate this much more come winter.   

Venturing out in to the town of Columbus (which is where we'll be doing most of our shopping, doctor visits, etc.) for some fun.  Through the opening to the left lies a huge indoor playground for the kid.  Definitely a neat place! 

Our carefree days didn't last too long, for just four days after we arrived, it was time for the kids to start school!

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