Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our Neighbors' Farm

Our next door neighbors own a farm.  First off, I am going to say that I love having next door neighbors!  We used to be next door to a Dunkin Donuts on the right and a strip of little stores on the left.  Having actual people living next to you is pretty cool!  And they are super nice and we already enjoy spending time with them, which makes it even better.

And they have a farm!

We got a nice little tour the other day.  The kids were super excited about getting in the tractors.    


Andy was too. 

Graydon seems to be such a natural little farmer. 



We also visited the hog house.  But the smell out there was pretty strong that we didn't last too long!  So no photos from that.

We all got a little education on all that goes in to running a farm! 


Mary said...

Hopefully not the "circle of life" talk yet. I wouldn't be able to eat beef. Those cows are cute.

The Kilps Family said...

I agree Mary!