Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saying Goodbye to New Jersey

I'll start this post out with a few garden randoms that I just found in my photo stream. . . 

We accidentally planted some pumpkins after putting last year's pumpkins in our compost pile. 

And then somehow a few seeds must have blown into our garden.  This particular plant then started to vine up the trellis.  Not sure how that is all going to work when those pumpkins start to get really big.  Unfortunately, we won't get to see that. 
IMG_0004 2A couple of weeks earlier, we had our carrot harvest.  This is what you get when you don't thin out your carrots very well.  


. . . 

Our final days in New Jersey were hard.  The packing was tedious.  The cleaning was endless.  (It's amazing how much dust, dirt, and crumbs you can live with without knowing it!)  And the goodbyes were sad.  Emotions that I had stuffed down back in April (after it had been decided that we were moving) were now coming to the surface again.  I did a lot of crying.  Saying goodbye is pretty difficult.

Our moving truck arrived at 7:30am on Monday morning.  We were literally still packing up our final boxes as they began to load up the truck.

Here are the boys hanging out in their mostly-emptied room in order to keep out of the movers' way.  Incidentally, these boys didn't get dressed until about 5pm that evening.  Curtis was in his underwear throughout the entire move! 

Bella spent some time coloring in her room, using a box as a desk.  She snapped this photo herself. 

We all camped out that night in the empty living room. 

These were a few of the kids' crafts from our VBS the week prior. 

On our final night in New Jersey, Andy and I turned our focus to deep cleaning of the house.  While he was out sweeping the front porch, he was stung by a bee on his ankle.  Andy is allergic to bees.  He hasn't been bitten since he was a child, so we didn't know how severe; but within minutes, he began to develop hives all over and then his face swelled up.  We were pretty quickly on our way to Urgent Care.  They used an epi-pen on him and gave him a steroid shot as well.  This created a very memorable final evening.   
Thankfully, the itchiness and swelling started to go down after a while; but the whole experience kind of wiped Andy out. 

We moved a little slower the next morning and didn't end up getting the van and car loaded up until about 10:30am.  At some point in the morning, Andy brought all of our keys to his now-old office. 
I got some photos of the kids in the empty house. 

The boys in their room. 

Curtis knows the trick to get a real smile out of Graydon.  Tickling!

And Bella's room.


Shortly after, the kids and I got in the van.  Andy walked through the house one final time and then he came out, locking the door behind him.  And just like that, this house was no longer ours.

The drive itself was a good one.  Other than some rain and hail in West Virginia, it was smooth and the kids were awesome.  Bella snapped this photo of Curtis while he slept. 

I think my favorite portion of the drive was through some easy roads in Ohio.  I played some old CDs that brought me back to a different time and place.  The kids were entertaining themselves and Andy was in the car ahead of me.  I got some alone time with my thoughts and it was amazingly peaceful.  The best way I can think to describe this drive was as the blank space on the page at the end of a chapter in a book, before starting the next chapter.  I felt light and care-free.  I am thankful for those unexpected moments of complete peace.

We stopped for the night in Ohio and then arrived in Hope, Indiana around noon the next day.  More on that to come!

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Mary said...

Soo sad! You brought Curtis home there, multiple family visits. Now on to a new journey for the Kilps family.