Sunday, October 26, 2014

Autumn leaves are falling down

A couple of weeks ago now, the kids (and us) enjoyed a week-and-a-half fall break from school. Starting the school year at the beginning of August was kind of a bummer, but this break made up for that a bit. On Andy's day off, we took a day trip to Nashville, Indiana.  The landscape there is beautiful and there are tons of cute shops and restaurants.

Here are the kids enjoying some ice cream sundaes from that trip.

Later in the week, we unexpectedly ended up in Wisconsin to attend Andy's uncle's funeral.  It was a sad reason to have a visit, but we are always thankful for any extra family time that we get.  All of the cousins had a little slumber party one night. 
IMG_0340Curtis wanted a photo with the little house that he and Bella built.  

When we got back into town, it was back to school for the kids.  Curtis had a field trip to the pumpkin farm with his class. 


Waking up is hard to do - especially after all of our late nights and sleeping in from fall break. 


This looks fake, but this monarch butterfly actually landed on Andy's hand!

Papa and Gaga came out for a visit in the days following the funeral.  There was a lot of chess playing that went on. 

Bella enjoyed playing with their dog, Buddy.  (Photo taken from inside the house). 

The leaves on the trees are beautiful and they are falling down all around.  Our yard is completely covered.  These photos are a bit blurry, but they show the good time that the boys had playing around. 


Poor Curtis has a mosquito on his head.  I didn't see it when I took this photo.  His forehead was covered with bites after our time outside. 


Two more mosquitoes on Curtis's head!  They just love him. 
IMG_3929One Saturday morning, a few kids from Curtis's preschool helped with a breakfast for members of the Lion's Club.  Here they are about to say the prayer.  

We went to our town's Halloween party last night.  There was a "haunted" museum, spooky science experiments, trick-or-treating, and crafts.  I love all of the extra special things that our town does.  We had a great time!


Craft time. 


There are lots of Halloween festivities to come this week. And the Meade family is coming out for a visit! So much to look forward to!

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mcbenetti said...

Oh no...sorry for your loss!
Kids look cute in their costumes.