Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Fun!

Hot soup on a rainy, fall day.


(Bella's class had a Native American day earlier at school that day.  Lots of activities and games, which is why she has a bow and arrow painted on her face). 

One Saturday morning, a local museum had a Halloween program.  We learned all about the Halloween symbols, did a craft, and carved pumpkins!



We've had these Jack o' Lanterns for over a week now and I finally decided to get a photo of them.  Bella's is located on the deck steps.   

Graydon has two (the left is from the museum and the right is from our trip to the pumpkin farm - photos below). 

Curtis's "Happy Pumpkin" (that's what he calls it).  He wanted it in his room.  There is a little flameless candle in there that works as a night light. 

Here's the photos from our visit to the pumpkin farm the next day. 



It started to rain on us while we were out in the field, cutting our picking short a little bit. 


But there was also a bouncy house and face painting, so the kids were content. 






I found these selfies from Bella a few days later. 

Monday morning, while waiting for the school bus with Bella and Graydon, I stood in awe of a gorgeous sunrise. 

After I said my goodbyes to the kids, I turned around and and there before me was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL rainbow that I have ever seen.  It was huge and I could see both ends of it - something that I've never seen before.  I ran into the house and had Andy and Curtis (who was still in his underwear) come out to see it.  I was so excited to share this with them and didn't know how long it would last.   

Since we were pretty much under the rainbow, I couldn't get a photo of it in its entirety. 

But then I looked on Facebook later in the day and saw that a friend did get the whole thing. This picture is from right in front of the kids' school.  What a wonderful sight as they began school that morning. 

The sky and rainbow were such a sight.  I just had to thank God for such a beautiful morning. 

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights." 
~ James 1:17

One of our big jobs this week has been painting the bedrooms in this house. 

Bella helped paint her room pink ("Quebec Calm"). 


And seeing her do this reminded me of our not-quite-two-year-old Bella "helping" to paint her purple room back in New Jersey.  

She sure has grown since then!

Curtis helped out with the boys' room.  It's a light gray ("Gravity").   


I painted the boys' room while the older two were at school.  Now as I'm looking at these photos, I'm feeling a little bad that Graydon didn't get a chance to paint.  It's good that we still have our bedroom and a bathroom to do.  He'll get his turn. 

Some church friends offered their camper to us this weekend, so the Kilps family enjoyed our first camping trip together.

I didn't take any photos of our fire from the first night.  

A morning game of Spoons. 

Our second evening was pretty rainy, so we stayed inside. 



The kids entertained themselves with a pillow fight. 

A lot of their stuffed animals are now sporting the kids' summer pajamas. 

The sun came out the next morning.  The wood had gotten wet, so starting a fire was pretty tricky, but Andy did it. 

And it lasted just long enough for roast the very last marshmallow. 

Later that afternoon, we went to watch a Pumpkin Cannon.  Andy got a chance to do a launch.  I was standing too close to get the whole thing in the photo.  And once the pumpkin was launched, it became a tiny little speck in the sky before landing several hundred feet away and splatting into the field. 

The boys had even more fun climbing through the pile of pumpkins. 

We look forward to finishing up our painting projects.  Hopefully this week.  Then we will officially be settled into our house (with the exception of the basement and garage areas).  Once things are finished, I'll be posting pics. I know that some of you have been patiently waiting!

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mcbenetti said...

Seems like there is a lot of fun things for the kids to do!! Looking forward to checking out the new town in November.