Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our New Home

Well. . . maybe not so new now that we've been here for three months.   And many of you have seen the house in person by now; but in case you haven't. . . here's our little house tour.

Living Room

I'm standing at the front door.  No one uses it; but if they did, this would be the view from our entryway.  

Now I'm standing in front of that leather chair in the corner.  The front door is to the right of that closet. 

Here's the view of the front door from our kitchen. 

Kitchen/Dining Area

I turned myself right around from that spot and now I'm looking at the dining room.  The door to the deck is to the left of the coat rack.  This is where everyone enters the house.  

To the right is the bistro table.

And to the left is the kitchen area. 

To the left of that coffee wall hanging are the basement steps.  To the right of the coat area is the laundry room and garage. 

Now we're back to this part of the kitchen.  To the left is the hallway that contains bedrooms and a bathroom. 

Guest Room

The first door on the right is our guest room.  It is the smallest bedroom in the house and I think several previous pastors used it as an office.  It has much more value to us as a guest room and has already gotten some good use!

A pretty simple room, but we like it.   

Bella's Room

It is quite pink and girly, just the way she wanted it. 


I love her artwork and was excited to decorate her room with it. 

Boys' Room

By far, the hardest room to keep clean. 

The yellow dressers were Curtis's idea.  The little boy sure does love yellow.  They used to be purple and were in Bella's room in New Jersey.  I was originally planning on a deep red, but the yellow sure is cheerful!

Our Room


The door in the corner leads to our bathroom. 


We are definitely settled now with the exception of one bathroom that we have yet to paint.  And a garage that needs to get organized so that we can finally park our vehicles in there.  But it felt good to turn this house into our home.   


mcbenetti said...

I love it!! Soo cute. Can't wait to see it first hand next weekend.

Kreuser Family said...

Beautiful! It looks so warm and cozy! You are a wonderful homemaker!

Justin Garrett said...

Those windows are gorgeous! I would never want to see those covered in curtains. I'm really glad you shared those while the curtains were open, and the light was welcomed. Anyway, I can see that you're all quite settled in perfectly. The house looks lovely! I especially love the kitchen area. Thanks for the tour! Have a nice day! :)

Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes