Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Birthday, Graydon!

Graydon has been counting down the days until his birthday starting back in October.  And it is finally here!  Our boy is now six!!







It continues to be a joy watching this little boy grow up.  This was kind of a big year.  He finished preschool, moved to another state, started kindergarten, and is learning to read!  It's almost as if he is rediscovering the world around him as he looks at the sign on the road and tells me, "That sign says STOP!" Or, "That toothpaste says CREST!"  He is doing very well in school, listens well to his teacher, and is making good friends.  He prefers to get hot lunch at school and often asks, "Can I get tray today?" (what he calls hot lunch, since it is served on a tray).

He still loves to tinker and create things out of random objects.  His eyes light up when I finish a bottle of juice or the paper towel runs out and I'm left with the cardboard roll.  "Can I keep it?"  Sometimes the objects get incorporated into a work of art (he made a pretty cool rocket ship from empty soda bottles and duct tape).  Other times they get taken apart and there is a mess of pieces to clean up.  I'm often fascinated by how his mind works and I just love his imagination.

Here's a few other randoms about Graydon. . . 
  • He's a difficult one to wake up in the morning.
  • He gives the best hugs!  
  • His favorite snack to make himself is bread and butter. 
  • He wants to be a "builder" when he grows up.
  • He doesn't like getting his nails clipped.
  • He loves spending time at church friends' farms.

I was really close to using the song, "Don't Blink" from Kenny Chesney for Graydon's slideshow.  Part of the chorus talks about being "six-years-old and you take a nap. . . ".  It seemed so fitting and I was close to using it.  But the song makes me cry when it just pops up on the radio; so when it's paired with photos of my son actually growing up, it's too much for me.  I think the songs I chose are pretty fun.  Happy Birthday, Grady-boy!!

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