Wednesday, December 10, 2014

O Christmas Tree!

We head to do a little hunting of tree farms before we could officially hunt for our Christmas tree. I googled farms in the area and found three possible locations.  One place did not have a website and did not pick up their phone when I called.  They were out.  Another place was not open during the week (we went on a Monday.)  They were out.  The final place was just right.  And we had a wonderful experience.

Curtis fell asleep on the way to the tree farm and woke up really cranky.  It appears we did a poor job at reading his mind because we didn't have his monster hat.  I did bring two of his hats to choose from (beard hat and stocking cap) but he wanted neither.  His mood was definitely not photo ready at this moment. 

Graydon, on the other hand, was a bundle of happiness. 


And Bella was pretty excited about finding our tree too. 

My three boys.  Curtis isn't smiling or looking, but at least he's not crying!



Our tree!

And finally a smile from Curtis. 

Getting our tree wrapped and paid for.  Oh wait. . .

We didn't know it yet, but this tree farm was cash or check only.  We rarely carry either of those with us.  Definitely a road block and the potential for some really disappointed kids.  And then the owner said not to worry about it.  Just send our payment in the mail.

Really?!?!!!!!  That was such a kind act of goodwill towards us.  He was going on faith that we would indeed pay him.  We were very grateful. . . and I wrote out the check as soon as we got home!

We definitely plan to return to the Tower Family Farm next year for another Christmas tree.

We decorated our tree the next day.  Up goes the star!

Here she is!  I think the photo would probably have turned out nicer if I would have waited to take the photo until night time.  Too much background light to compete with.  But it is a beautiful tree and smells so good!  This was our first Frasier Fur tree (we got Douglas or Balsam in the past).  This one definitely smells the best!   

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

p.s.  I added some photos to the post from Bella's birthday party that my sister sent to me.  :)

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mcbenetti said...

My Christmas decor consists of the apple cinnamon red candle that I got from Bellas fundraiser!