Thursday, March 05, 2015

Swim Lessons

The boys began swimming lessons two Tuesdays ago. As soon as I told them that I signed up for lessons, they were counting down the days. "Five more days. . . four more days. . . " And then the day of their first class arrived, and it ended up being canceled due to weather. Big bummer. So they had to wait another whole week until finally, swimming lessons!

Curtis's class goes first.


Graydon is right after.  We caught him showing a new friend how he lost his first tooth - something he has been very proud of.


Here's some video footage from the lessons. 

So far they've worked on getting their faces/heads in the water and some floating.  I'll probably sign them up for lessons again when the summer starts; but I just really want to get these boys swimming.

I was away at a church retreat this weekend, so Andy was on his own with the kids.  One great thing he did was take them to Target where they each picked out some new Legos!  We very rarely buy our kids new toys outside of holidays and birthdays, so this was a rare treat. 

Bella helped Curtis with his new set. 

Graydon chose a Ninja turtle and a small pack of Legos.

Bella added some of her own money so that she could purchase a big barn to go with her other Lego Friends structures.  I don't have any pictures of that yet, but she just finished putting it together yesterday. 

After Curtis drinks a smoothie, he always feels really cold.  Andy took care of that for him!

While I was away, the kids drew pictures and cards for me. 


Anonymous said...

Curtis and Graydon have come such a long way in the water. Auntie Kristen is so proud of you little boys.

mcbenetti said...

Sounds like they had a great weekend with daddy!!