Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer fun with cousins!

It's official! Andy's sister and familly (aka "The Meades") have moved to town!

This is the first time in our almost thirteen years of marriage that we have lived near family.  We love it!

And we've been up to some pretty fun stuff!

Pool time!  (And silly boys).
 photo IMG_2171_zpstcbbfvfs.jpg

 photo IMG_2178_zpssromc9bs.jpg

Splash pad!
 photo IMG_2182_zpsiimw68t4.jpg

 photo IMG_2184_zpsmhi2w5ga.jpg

 photo IMG_2190_zpstpbsodyw.jpg

Curtis said, "Look!  I'm on a vacation."
 photo IMG_2187_zpstqhcp4yg.jpg

Andy and the three big kids went off for a week of church camp.
 photo IMG_2216_zpsfvzxmvaf.jpg

The night before she left, Bella included in her prayers a request for being on the top bunk at camp.  She got what she wanted!
 photo IMG_2214_zpsfukgwu51.jpg

It's a camp tradition to throw down a huge tarp and cover it in soap and water to create a massive, fast slip 'n slide.
 photo IMG_1916_zpsxqty7uvm.jpg

Andy literally rose to the challenge!
 photo IMG_1914_zpsusgcvqwn.jpg

The camp had a safari theme surrounding the lesson of God's love and our love for others.
 photo IMG_1879_zpsijwbnng5.jpg

Happy campers!
 photo IMG_1875_zpsx5tia132.jpg

 photo IMG_1918_zpstp7kxhr3.jpg

While the big kids were off at camp, I took the little ones to the children's museum in Indianapolis.

The Teenage Mutant Turtle exhibit will be coming in September, which is a must-see for our family.
 photo IMG_2219_zpsyzt1kegu.jpg

 photo IMG_2223_zpsytiyeid7.jpg

 photo IMG_2224_zpsuzbqnzlf.jpg

 photo IMG_2229_zpsohmo1br7.jpg

This is what they are looking at.
 photo IMG_2230_zpsxb1hahdt.jpg

 photo IMG_2232_zpsocxtk6gx.jpg

The Hot Wheels exhibit was the boys' favorite.
 photo IMG_2227_zpsre6seos9.jpg photo IMG_2237_zpsvscyp5vu.jpg

 photo IMG_2238_zpsimkvraaf.jpg

 photo IMG_2243_zpshidg1iap.jpg

 photo IMG_2246_zpsyuf3v957.jpg

At one point, Charlie said to me, "I feel like I'm on a field trip."  :)
 photo IMG_2247_zpswaoh61gh.jpg

 photo IMG_2250_zps5yijtzmk.jpg

 photo IMG_2253_zpsdwk303dy.jpg

 photo IMG_2255_zpscociw4b3.jpg

We had a great time; but each of us was very excited for the end of the week to arrive and for our campers to return home!

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