Friday, August 07, 2015

The County Fair

We ended up leaving Wisconsin earlier than originally planned because our county had its fair going on.  Bella wanted to catch the Bunny Show on Sunday night since that it something that she is wanting to do next year.  (Just so we're clear, the Bunny Show is when 4-H kids show their rabbits and get judged on it.  When I told Graydon that we were going to the bunny show, he asked me, "Are the bunnies going to dance for us?"  I love how kids process the world sometimes!)

After the show, the kids were drawn to the rides.  I bought enough tickets for each of them to go on one ride.  Graydon and Bella wanted to go on the mechanical swings while Curtis wanted to do jeeps on a track.  The older two went on their ride first and as they were getting on, Curtis started to get upset.  He changed his mind and wanted to go on the ride with them.  There was still time, so he got on.
 photo IMG_2097_zpso6gongcl.jpg

Graydon and Bella were both carefree, riding with their hands in the air most of the time while Curtis gripped the ropes with both hands for the entire ride.
 photo IMG_2098_zps3cpv94oy.jpg

Bella and Graydon came off of the ride super thrilled.  Curtis was quiet. . . and then started crying.  The ride really scared him.  I felt so sad to see him so sad.

We all came back to the fair a few days later and purchased wristbands for the kids so that they could go on all the rides they wanted.  We went on the jeep ride that Curtis originally wanted first.
 photo IMG_2127_zpsjz8ojxzc.jpg

The roller coaster was a hit.
 photo IMG_2130_zps0yqcnovy.jpg

Big slides are always fun.
 photo IMG_2134_zpsulxj1k28.jpg

 photo IMG_2135_zpsmgr44o5p.jpg

The kids' favorite ride was this super fast thing that had them practically sideways.  I was anxious the entire time I watched them.

They all went on the swings again.  And this time, Curtis wasn't scared.

Beyond all of the rides, this cornbox was a huge hit with the boys!

 photo IMG_2137_zpsgk4pjbat.jpg

 photo IMG_2142_zps0csdhyqy.jpg

 photo IMG_2155_zpsrxyhkrdk.jpg

We tried to go back another night; but the rain started pouring shortly after we got there.  After waiting for the rain to let up (to no avail), we decided to make a mad dash for the van - which was not parked anywhere close to where we were.  We were soaked!!  The night seemed like a bust, but the kids thought running through the rain was pretty awesome.  And for anyone who has seen the movie "Inside Out", Bella called that moment a 'core memory'.  Instantly the night was redeemed!
 photo IMG_2161_zpsgjma7ena.jpg

Since that night didn't work out, I decided to take the kids one last time the next morning.  But we got to the fair around noon and learned that the rides weren't running until 5pm that evening.  It's about a half hour drive from our house to the fairgrounds.  I didn't have it in me to drive home and drive back later.  And I knew about a fun event going on in a neighboring town; so we did that instead.

Arts in the Park!  The kids painted rocks.
 photo IMG_2162_zpspouia55s.jpg

And made puppets.
 photo IMG_2163_zpsz9bopjtr.jpg

They got balloon animals and harmonicas and did all sorts of crafts.  It wasn't quite the county fair, but lots of fun nonetheless.

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