Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We're Going to Disney World!!!!

We have been wanting to take a Disney World vacation for several years and finally saved up enough money to do it. For the past several months, we've been planning this trip, but have kept it a secret from the kids.  We thought it might be a little agonizing to tell them that we're going to Disney World . . . and then make them wait six months.  And I know that some families surprise kids the morning of the vacation; but I think half of the fun is the anticipation of going.  Now that we're about two months out, it seemed like a pretty good time!

I wanted to tell them in a fun way and thought that a scavenger hunt would be perfect.  I looked online and found a few ideas that I copied/modified for us.  Here are the clues that I hid around the house.  Each clue got a bit more specific to help them guess where we were going.  Attached to each clue was also a riddle on where to find the next clue.

I shared the final portion of our scavenger hunt on Facebook; but here is the whole hunt from start to finish!

We got the kids t-shirts and autographs. Ava and Nora's Grandma Kelly got each of the kids lanyards with Disney trading pins and a pouch with $10 spending money for each of them. Super thoughtful and sweet of her! They are set!

We can't wait to go to Disney World!!!

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mcbenetti said...

I'm excited for them.