Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Programs

We were treated to three different Christmas programs this season. The first was one Friday evening at the kids' school.

Behind their school is a one-room schoolhouse.  Bella is part of a club called 'Little Hoosiers' and that group put on an old-fashioned Christmas throughout the evening.

Curtis and one of his best buddies before the show.

Here are some highlights from each of their songs.

The following week, the first graders had their own special program one afternoon at the school.  Mr. Robertson, Graydon's teacher, had been working with them for a while.  The program was sooo cute.

Here are some highlights from that program.

Afterwards, I just had to get a picture of Graydon and Mr. Robertson since they dressed the same that day!

Finally, here are some photos from our church Christmas program.  Graydon is a donkey and Curtis is a cow.

And Bella is Cat Woman?

Our play this year included superheroes who were concerned that a new superhero (Jesus) was going to steal their jobs.

Here is the final song when the boys show up as well.  

Great programs!

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