Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tablet Store

The boys have been wanting their own tablets for quite some time now.  They'd been saving their dollars and counting their coins and by November, they both had over $100.  Since Andy knew that they were pretty close to their goal, he began hunting for some deals. . . and he found a great one!  Best Buy had a Black Friday deal and Kindle Fires were on sale for $35!  Andy went ahead and bought them and we decided to give the kids a home shopping experience similar to what we did when Bella bought her iPod.  

We made the boys stay in their rooms while we got everything set up.  Bella was our store clerk.

"Welcome to the Tablet Store."

Time to get the piggy banks out.


Happy customers!

And now Bella has become the sole owner of the tablet they'd all been sharing.  Win/win/win!

The following evening, we still had a Christmas tree to decorate.  I figured it might be difficult to get the boys to want to decorate since they had these brand new tablets that they wanted to play with.  To my surprise, they were both eager to put up their ornaments.




Lots of ornaments on our little tree.  And we didn't even put all of them on!  I didn't realize until now that I didn't get a photo of the whole tree.  That will be coming on Christmas when all of the presents show up!

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