Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer So Far. . .

We're already a month in to our summer vacation. Here is what we've been up to. . .

Bella's motivation in the craft department coupled with her inspiration for decorating her room led her to create this "chandelier" for her room made from ribbon and circles punched out from white card stock.

It looks pretty cool in there.

We, along with 11 other families in town, are members of the pool that happens to be right across the street from our house. It is super convenient and we've been there a lot - sometimes twice a day!

Walking home from the pool.

Just got back from the dentist and all of us are cavity free!


The sun was bright and I couldn't see my phone screen. I didn't realize that I hit a filter for this photo of the kids jumping into the pool.

In addition to crafting, Bella is becoming quite a baker. She makes the best chocolate chip cookies - she does it from scratch and completely by herself. I'm already day-dreaming about each of my kids learning to cook and then assigning nights for each of them to make dinner. Someday! For now, I will appreciate any cookies that Bella is willing to bake.

Graydon went to a fun birthday party at a play place called Rascals. He got to drive go-carts all by himself. So fun!

There were bumper boats too.

And bumper cars.

I also got to drive on the big course with Graydon as my passenger. I think this would be a really great place for our family to go to together.

Face painting at Relay for Life!

Kitty Curtis

Monkey Graydon

Andy and I went to Brown County, Indiana for a pastor/spouse retreat. We were able to take a few easy hikes through the State Park. It was such a relaxing week.

A little carnival came to town.

Bella has been working on her diving.


We got some much-needed rain.

Tears. Because we got near the end of the game, Life, and he still didn't have any kids.

A stray beagle showed up in our yard. He was so friendly and we actually considered keeping him.  First, I had to bring him to the animal shelter in case anyone was looking for him. When I dropped him off, I gave our number to the woman at the desk, letting her know that we were interested in case nobody claimed him. The next day, I received a phone call that someone came for the dog. I guess it wasn't meant to be. But the fact that Andy was actually open to getting a dog is pretty much a miracle!

Father's Day. They are all sitting on Andy's big gift: a bench glider for the front porch. We still need to stain it, but it's already gotten a lot of good use.

Curtis's tinker-toy creation. If I remember correctly, I think he said it is a flying dragon.

Andy's parents and brother were in town this past week.

Tablet time: this was the quietest 1.5 hours of the whole week!

This summer has been filled with many evenings at the ball field. Curtis finished up his t-ball season this past Thursday night.

Getting his trophy.

Graydon's baseball team ended the regular season in 1st place. A rain delay pushed the tournament games back one day. They won their tournament game on Friday night and are now playing in the championship game on Monday night. We won't be able to be at the game on Monday, but Graydon will have two trophies waiting for him when we get back from our vacation: one for his team ending the regular season in 1st place, and one for either being the tournament champion or runner-up team. He'll be a happy boy.

Pool time with the cousins and Uncle Tom.

He just finished eating a drumstick ice cream cone.

We went back to Brown County to celebrate Andy's parents' 40th Anniversary that is coming up at the end of August.




Tomorrow we are loading up the van and heading to New Jersey for a week with Mimi Jane at the shore! We always enjoy being with her and have been looking forward to this week for a long time!

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